Trailer of  Contemporary Dance Festival "Lonely in the rain?"

MEMORY OF HEART, version II / 2015


as a part of the programme of Contemporary Dance Festival "Lonely in the rain" on October 24 2015 at 4 pm, Art centre Ahjo, Joensuu, Finland


Production, choreography, performance:             Olga & Elena Budaeva 
Composer: Dmitri Marine 

Music: Vladimir Vavilov

Costume design: Olya Shishkina

Light: Olga & Elena Budaeva

The poetry "Wind" by Boris Pasternak, voice:  

Mila Ivanilova, actress of Mayakovsky theatre

Duration: 37 min

Creation: 2015

from 2 to 6 June 2015 in the Theatre CÉLESTINS, Lyon, France
is a performance by Jean Lambert-wild, Jean-Luc Therminarias, Stéphane Blanquet and Juha Marsalo.

Interpreters: Olga Budaeva, Elena Budaeva, Pierre Pietri, Charles Pietri

Direction: Jean Lambert-wild 
Dramaturgy: Jean Lambert-wild and Hervé Blutsch 
Composer: Jean-Luc Therminarias 
Choreography: Juha Marsalo 
Scenography: Stéphane Blanquet and Jean Lambert-wild
Light: Renaud Lagier 
Sound: Christophe Farion 
Costumes Annick Serret 

Duration of the performance: 1h

"Jean Lambert-wild brings to life the anguish of an invisible war that is omnipresent in our daily lives and which has infiltrated to the heart of the family. This simply dreadful drama is that of a couple who kill their children before committing suicide. Split staging offers a dissected vision of reality in a spectacle of terrifying beauty, where theatre and choreography become one. The rare words chant a modern tragedy, the mirror of our time", Célestins


©Tristan Jeanne-Valès

©Tristan Jeanne-Valès



             Author: V.F. Sidorenko

Edition: Moscow State Textile University named after A.N. Kosygin, published in Moscow

Language: Russian


Olga’s works are shown in the book “Drawing for designers: The Lessons of Classical tradition" by author V.F. Sidorenko, Doctor of Science Criticism, Professor, State Literature and Art Award Laureate

Графические работы Ольги включены в книгу “Рисунок для дизайнеров. Уроки классической традиции” В.Ф. Сидоренко – доктора искусствоведения, профессора, лауреата Государственной премии в области литературы и искусства

© Olga Budaeva

This is how V.F. Sidorenko, Doctor of Science Criticism, Professor, State Literature and Art Award Laureate, describes her artworks in his book: "Accurately found visual pause gives a sense of physical plunging into meditation. Artistic incarnation of the concept of timeless/eternal spiritual unity of the Human and the Environment. The author’s artistic and meditational contemplation of the environment is supported by the great tradition of spiritual searchings proper to the  classical art by A. Ivanov, V. Boris-Musatov, M. Nesterov, Puvis de Chavannes, O. Redon, M. Denis etc."

В.Ф. Сидоренко - доктор искусствоведения, профессор, лауреат Государственной премии в области литературы и искусства, написал о серии ее работ в своей книге: “Точно найденная визуальная пауза создает ощущение физического погружения в медитацию....Художественное воплощение образа вневременности / вечности духовного единения человека и среды. Свойственное автору художественно – медитативное созерцание среды получает опору в великой традиции духовных исканий классического искусства (А.Иванов, В.Борисов –Мусатов, М.Нестеров, Пюви де Шаванн, О.Редон, М.Дени и др.)"


Elena regularly teaches contemporary dance in Moscow. For more information please contact us


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© Elena Budaeva